Three-Point Box

Three-Point Box

Create a rectangular box by defining three points and height. Boolean operations are also available.

  1. Click the button button-three-point-box on the toolbar.
  2. Click at the start point of one side of the rectangle.
  3. Click at the endpoint of that side of the rectangle.
  4. Click at the third point of the rectangle.
  5. Set the options in the Command Dialog and Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Select target bodies, Shift + Q, Q, W, Shift + E, B, T
      • These options have the same function as the Boolean command. See Boolean command for details.
    • Width: Specify the width.
    • Length: Specify the Length.
    • Height: Specify the height.
  6. Move the cursor and click at the desired height.
  7. A rectangular box is created.

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