Solid Commands

Command NameShortcutNote
BooleanQBoolean Solids and/or Sheets.
CutCCut Solid and Sheet.
Solid and Sheet Commands
ExtrudeEExtrude Faces, Regions and Curves.
SweepShift + PSweep Region or Curve.
RevolveRevolve Region or Curve.
LoftLLoft Face, Edge and Curve.
PipePCreate a Pipe from Edge and Curve.
PatchFill Sheet holes / Closed Curves to a Sheet.
ThickenAdd thickness to a selected Sheet.
Thicken FaceAdd thickness to a selected Face.
Constrained SurfaceCreate a constrained surface.
FilletBUnified command for Fillet Curve, Fillet Vertex, Fillet Shell.
Fillet ShellBFillet or chamfer the Edges.
Refillet FaceRedo fillets.
Remove Fillets from ShellRemove Solid and Sheet fillets.
Alternative DuplicateAlt + DAlternative Duplicate.
HollowHollow out a Solid.
Sheet Commands
JoinJUnified command for Join Curves, Join Sheets.
Join SheetsJJoin Sheets with matching Edges.
Bridge SurfaceBridge two Sheets.
ExtendUnified command for Extend Curve, Extend Sheet.
Extend SheetExtend one or more outside Edges of the Sheet.
UnjoinAlt + JUnified command for Unjoin Curves, Unjoin Faces, Unjoin Shells.
Unjoin FacesAlt + JSeparate selected Faces from Solid or Sheet.
Unjoin ShellsAlt + JSeparate all Faces from selected Solids or Sheets into individual Faces.
Find Boundary EdgesSelect Edges of a Sheet opening.
UntrimAlt + TCreate a Sheet based on the original shape.
Face Commands
Offset FaceShift + OOffset the selected Faces.
Draft FaceTilt Face.
Match FaceMatch Faces to another Face.
Delete FaceShift + BackspaceDelete Face.
Unwrap FaceUnwrap Face.
Wrap FaceWrap Face.
Edge Commands
Offset CurveOUnified command for Offset Planar Curve, Offset Region, Offset Face Loop, Offset Edge.
Offset EdgeOOffset the selected Edges.
Offset Face LoopOOffset the outline edges of selected Faces.
ImprintShift + IUnified command for Imprint Body Body, Imprint Curve Body.
Imprint Body BodyShift + ICreate Edges on the target Solid or Sheet where it intersects with a tool Solid or Sheet.
Imprint Curve BodyShift + ICreate Edges on the target Solid or Sheet where it projects onto a tool Curve.
IsoparamCtrl + RAdd isoparams.
Delete Redundant TopologyRemove excess Edges.
Extend EdgeExtend Edges.