Shift + C

Create a cylinder by specifying a circle's center, diameter, and height. Boolean operations are also available.

  1. Click the button button-cylinder on the toolbar.
  2. Click at the point for the circle's center on the base surface.
  3. Move the cursor and click on a point on the circumference.
  4. Move the cursor and click at the desired height.
  5. Set the options in the Command Dialog and Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Select target bodies, Shift + Q, Q, W, Shift + E, B, T
      • These options have the same function as the Boolean command. See Boolean command for details.
    • Radius: Specify the Radius.
    • Height: Specify the Height.
    • F Radius: Move the cursor to specify the radius.
    • D Height: Move the cursor to specify the height.
  6. Confirm with OK in the Command Dialog or right-click.
  7. A cylinder is created.