Right of Command Bar

Create a pipe of any size from a Curve or an Edge. It can be used for boolean operations. Polygon or custom profile options are available.

  1. Select the Curve or Edge you want to pipe.
  2. Press P.
  3. Drag the yellow dot to specify the section size and the yellow square to specify the pipe thickness. Drag the white circle to specify the rotation angle.
  4. Set the options in the Command Dialog and Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Select target bodies:, Shift + Q, Q, W, B, T
      • These Boolean options function the same as the Boolean command. Refer to the Boolean command.
    • Select custom profile: Select Regions, Curves or Faces to specify the custom profiles.
    • Vertex count: Specify the number of Vertices for the profile's polygon. If you specify 0, it will be circular.
    • Section size: Specify the section size.
    • Thickness: Specify the pipe wall thickness.
    • Angle: Specify the rotation angle.
    • C Custom profile Select the Regions, Curves or Faces to specify the custom profiles.
    • D Section size Specify the section size by moving the cursor.
    • A Angle Specify the rotation angle by moving the cursor.
    • Shift + T Thickness Specify the pipe wall thickness by moving the cursor.
  5. Confirm with OK in the Command Dialog or right-click.

The "Pipe" command is NOT for creating dimensionally accurate pipes. It is for quickly creating cool looking pipes/tubes. It does a lot of things like angles as polygons that make it not dimensionally accurate for any kind of plumbing or whatever. To create a precise pipe, use the Sweep command

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