Operating the 3D Viewport

Operating the 3D Viewport

Operating with the Mouse

To rotate the viewDrag with the middle mouse button (scroll wheel button).
To pan the viewDrag with the right mouse button.
To zoom in or outScroll the mouse wheel.
To snap to orthographic projection during rotationAlt + middle button drag.
To center the screen around the cursor positionAlt + middle button click.

You can also make the mouse similar to other applications. See Preferences for more information.

Operating with Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing the Viewing Angle

You can adjust the viewing direction using the number pad.

Viewing directionShortcut
Front viewNum.1
Right viewNum.3
Top viewNum.7
Back viewCtrl + Num.1
Left viewCtrl + Num.3
Bottom viewCtrl + Num.7
Switch between perspective and
orthographic projection