Common Commands for Sketch and Solid

Command NameShortcutNote
MoveGMove objects.
RotateRRotate objects.
ScaleSScale objects.
MirrorAlt + XMirror objects.
DuplicateShift + DDuplicate objects.
PlaceCtrl + DDuplicate objects specified axis.
Copy with PlacementCtrl + Shift + CCopy objects with a reference point.
Paste with PlacementCtrl + Shift + VPaste objects with a reference point.
Rectangular ArrayDuplicate objects in a rectangular pattern.
Radial ArrayDuplicate objects in a radial pattern.
Curve ArrayDuplicate objects along a Curve.
Set MaterialMSet material.
Remove MaterialAlt + MRemove material.
MeasureCtrl + =Measure dimension values.
DimensionShift + =Modify dimension values.