Right of Command Bar button-extrude

Extruding Faces or Regions generates Solids, while extruding Curves produces Sheets. Specify distance, set extrusion angle, and define wall thickness. Boolean options available.

Basic Usage

  1. Press E or click the button button-extrude.
  2. Select the Faces, Regions, or Curves to extrude.
  3. Move the yellow dot to specify the distance.
  4. Set the options in the Command Dialog and Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Command Dialog
      • Select target bodies:, Shift + Q, Q, W, B, T
        • These boolean options function the same as the Boolean command. Refer to the Boolean command.
      • Distance: Specify the distance and the opposite distance.
      • Degrees: Specify the angle of extrusion.
      • Thickness: Specify the wall thickness.
      • Keep tools: Same as T
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • F Freestyle Specify the starting point and the endpoint, determining the direction and distance of Extrude.
      • V Pivot Specify the position of the Gizmo.
      • D Distance 1 Specify the distance by moving the cursor.
      • A Angle 1 Specify the angle of extrusion by moving the cursor.
      • Shift + T Thickness Specify the wall thickness by moving the cursor.
      • Tab Lock distances Extrude with equal distance on both sides.
  5. Confirm with OK in the Command Dialog or right-click.

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