Selecting Objects

Selecting Objects

Choose the desired objects using the mouse or keyboard.

Selecting with the mouse

TargetMouse OperationSelection
All objectClickSelect the object.
All objectDrag from right to leftSelect objects that touch the green selection.
All objectDrag from left to rightSelect objects completely contained in the purple selection.

Object specific selection

Mouse OperationTargetSelection
Alt + clickEdgeSelect Edge loops.
Ctrl + Alt + clickEdgeSelect Edge rings.
Alt + clickCurveSelect all Curves on the same plane.
Alt + clickRegionSelect all Regions on the same plane.
Alt + clickFaceSelect all related Faces.
Ctrl + Alt + clickFaceSelect all parallel Faces.
Ctrl + Alt + clickCylindercal FaceSelect all parallel cylindrical Faces.
Alt + clickSolid/Sheet/EmptySelect all Solid/Sheet/Empty in the group.

Selecting with Shortcuts

Command NameShortcutNote
Select allASelect all objects.
Select all CurvesSelect all Curves.
Deselect allEscapeDeselect all.
Invert SelectionAlt + AInvert selection.
Select AdjacentCtrl + Shift + =Select adjacent objects to the currently selected ones.

Select from the currently selected objects

Command NameShortcutNote
Selection: convert to edgesCtrl + 2Select only the Edges of the currently selected Solids, Sheets, and Faces.
selection: convert to facesCtrl + 3Select only the Faces of the currently selected Solids and Sheets.
selection: convert to solidsCtrl + 4Select only the Solids or Sheets of the currently selected Faces and Edges.
selection: convert to groupsCtrl + 5Select all objects within the group of the selected objects.

Select the source objects used in the last operation

Command NameShortcutNote
Select Previous Entity CollectionCtrl + TSelect the source objects used in the last operation. Using this feature multiple times selects sources from earlier operations sequentially.
Select Next Entity CollectionCtrl + Shift + TA counterpart to "Select Previous Entity Collection". Allows for the sequential selection of subsequent source objects.