Command List & Shortcut Keys
Plasticity Essentials

Plasticity Essentials

Command NameShortcutNote
Operating the 3D Viewport
Viewport: navigate to frontNum.1Front view.
Viewport: navigate to rightNum.3Right view.
Viewport: navigate to topNum.7Top view.
Viewport: navigate to backCtrl + Num.1Back view.
Viewport: navigate to leftCtrl + Num.3Left view.
Viewport: navigate to bottomCtrl + Num.7Bottom view.
Viewport: toggle orthographic cameraNum.5Switch between perspective and orthographic projection.
Viewport: navigate to selectionSpaceCenter selected object on the screen.
NewCtrl + NClear the scene, then create a new Plasticity document.
New WindowRun Plasticity in a new window.
OpenCtrl + OOpen a Plasticity document.
Import/AppendCtrl + Shift + OImport a document. Refer to here.
SaveCtrl + SSave a Plasticity document.
Save asCtrl + Shift + SSave as a new Plasticity document.
ExportCtrl + Shift + EExport a document. Refer to here.
Quick save versionSave a copy of the document with the same filename, appended with a timestamp.
Save as startup sceneSave the current document as the startup scene. The file will automatically open upon the next startup.
PreferencesCtrl + , (Comma)Open Preferences dialog.
Manage licensesManage the license token and devices.
Plasticity Version: 0.0.0Installed Plasticity version.
QuitCtrl + Q
Group Objects
Group SelectedCtrl + GGroup Selected.
Ungroup SelectedAlt + GUngroup Selected.
Toggle Object States
Hide SelectedHHide Selected.
Hide UnselectedShift + HHide Unselected.
Unhide AllAlt + HUnhide All.
Invert HiddenCtrl + HInvert Hidden.
Lock SelectedMake selection unselectable.
Focus and Isolate Objects
Viewport: focus/ (Slash)Zoom to selected object.
Isolate. (Period)Isolate selected object by temporarily hiding unselected objects.
Selection Mode
Selection mode: set Control Point1Control point selection mode.
Selection mode: set Edge2Edge selection mode.
Selection mode: set Face3Face selection mode.
Selection mode: set Solid4Body selection mode.
Selection mode: set allTabAll selectable mode.
Selection: toggle Control PointShift + 1Toggle Control Point selection mode.
Selection: toggle EdgeShift + 2Toggle Edge selection mode.
Selection: toggle FaceShift + 3Toggle Face selection mode.
Selection: toggle SolidShift + 4Toggle Body selection mode.
Selecting Objects
Select AllASelect All.
Select all CurvesSelect all Curves.
Invert SelectionAlt + AInvert selection.
Select AdjacentCtrl + Shift + =Select Adjacent.
Deselect AllEscDeselect all.
Selection: convert to EdgesCtrl + 2Select Edges included in the selection.
Selection: convert to FacesCtrl + 3Select Faces included in the selection.
Selection: convert to SolidsCtrl + 4Select Solids included in the selection.
selection: convert to groupsCtrl + 5Select all objects within the group of the selected objects.
View Mode
Viewport: toggle overlaysAlt + Shift + ZTo toggle overlay display.
Viewport: toggle xray modeAlt + ZTo toggle X-Ray mode.
Viewport: toggle EdgesTo toggle show Edges.
Viewport: toggle FacesTo toggle show Faces.
Grid and Snap
Grid: toggle grid snappingToggle grid snapping.
Viewport: decrease grid sizeDecrease grid size.
Viewport: increase grid sizeIncrease grid size.
Snaps: toggle snap snappingToggle object snapping.
Construction Planes
SpaceConstruction plane from selection (align camera).
Viewport: set construction plane to selectionShift + SpaceConstruction plane from selection (do not align).
Create Viewspace Construction Plane At OriginCtrl + SpaceConstruction plane from camera (through origin).
Create Viewspace Construction PlaneCtrl + Shift + SpaceConstruction plane from camera (select distance point).
General Functions
Ctrl + CCopy.
Ctrl + VPaste.
Ctrl + ZUndo.
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo.
DeleteShift + BackspaceDelete selected objects. Deleting a group removes the group and its children.
Delete Control PointDelete selected Control Points.
Delete EdgeDelete selected Edges.
Delete FaceShift + X or Shift + DeleteDelete selected Faces.
Delete GroupRemove the group and its children.
DissolveBackspaceDelete selected objects. Dissolving a group removes the group but keeps its items.
Dissolve FaceDelete selected redundant Faces.
Edit: Repeat last commandShift + RRepeat last command.
Sidebar: toggleCtrl + BToggle the display of the sidebar.