Ctrl + =
- button-none

Measure dimension values such as the size of a rectangular curve or the diameter of a cylinder. Dimension values update according to the deformation of the measured object.

Basic Usage

  1. Press Ctrl + = or use the Measure command in the Command Palette.
  2. Select the Curve, Edge, or snap point you want to measure.
  3. Move the cursor to the desired axis and click to confirm the placement of the dimension.
  4. Dimension values will be displayed, corresponding to the coordinate axes of the construction plane. Additionally, 'Measurements' will be added to the Outliner.
  • You can also display dimension values based on a user-defined construction plane. For instructions on creating a construction plane, refer to here.

Measuring the Straight-Line Distance Between Two Points

  • By right-clicking when confirming the dimension value, you can measure the straight-line distance between two points.

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