Sketch Commands - Region, Curve, Vertex, Control-Vertex

Command NameShortcutNote
FilletBUnified command for Fillet Curve, Fillet Vertex, Fillet Shell
Fillet CurveBFillet or chamfer between two Curve segments
Fillet VertexBFillet or chamfer connected vertices
Offset CurveOUnified command for Offset Planar Curve, Offset Region, Offset Face Loop, Offset Edge
Offset Planar CurveOOffset a planar Curve
Offset RegionOOffset the outline curves of a Region
Subdivide CurveShift + SIncrease Control-Vertices of Curves
ExtendUnified command for Extend Curve, Extend Sheet
Extend CurveExtend a Curve
RebuildUnified command for Rebuild Curve, Rebuild Face
Rebuild CurveRebuilt by optimizing the positions of the Control Vertices
TextCreate Curves from text
Project Commands
ProjectIUnified command for Project Body Body, Project Curve Body, Project Curve Curve
Project Body BodyICreate a new Curve representing the intersection line between two Solids or Sheets
Project Curve BodyICreate a new Curve by projecting a Curve onto a Solid or Sheet
Project Curve CurveICreate a new Curve by projecting the intersection points of surfaces generated from two independent Curves
Project OutlineAlt + DProject the outline of the Solids or Sheets
Alternative DuplicateAlt + DProject the Curves onto the current construction plane
Create OutlineProject the outline of the objects to create a 3D Curve
Duplicate Curve and ProjectDuplicate Curve And Project
Join and Split Commands
JoinJUnified command for Join Curves, Join Sheets
Join CurvesJJoin Curves at connecting points
BridgeUnified command for Bridge Curve, Bridge Vertex, Bridge Edge
Bridge CurveBridges two Curves
Bridge EdgeBridges two Edges
Bridge VertexBridges two Vertices
TrimTTrim Curve
Cut CurveCut Curve
Split SegmentSplit a Curve into two segments
UnjoinAlt + JUnified command for Unjoin Curves, Unjoin Faces, Unjoin Shells
Unjoin CurvesAlt + JSeparate joined Curves
Vertex Commands
Delete Redundant TopologyRemove excess points
Convert VertexConvert Vertices to Control-Vertices