Shift + =
- button-none

Modify dimension values such as the size of a rectangular curve or the diameter of a cylinder.

Basic Usage

  1. Select the object you want to change the dimension of.
    Dimension Modification TargetSelection Mode
    Length of two sides of a curve's rectangleEdge
    Diameter of a curve's circle or arcEdge
    Diameter of a cylinderFace
    Diameter of a sphereSolid
    Lengths of the three sides of a cubeSolid
    Size of a solid's filletFace
    Distance between planes of a solidFace
  2. Press Shift + = or use the Dimension command in the Command Palette.
  3. The dimension value will be displayed.
  4. Press Tab to enter dimension input mode.
  5. Enter the dimension value.
  6. If there are multiple dimensions, press Tab to switch and enter the dimensions.
  7. Press Enter to confirm.

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