The Outliner displays all the objects you've created. Within the Outliner, you can organize objects, group them, toggle their states, and configure materials.


Displayed Objects

  • The objects you create are classified into different sections: "Solids," "Sheets," "Curves," "Empties," and "Measurements."
  • Within "Empties," you'll find imported images and meshes, and "Measurements" will display the dimensions.

Organize Objects

  • Right-click on a section label ("Solids," "Sheets," "Curves") and choose "Select all" to select all objects within that section.
  • You can reorganize the Outliner by dragging and dropping objects.

Group Objects

Grouping allows you to better organize your objects.

OperationShortcutCommand Name
Create a group and move the selected object to the new group.Ctrl + G or outliner-gruop-iconGroup Selected
Remove the selected object from the group.Alt + GUngroup Selected

Right-click on a group folder to access related commands.

Group objects menu

Add current selection to groupAdds the selected object to the group.
Select allSelects all objects within the group.
New subgroup with current selectionCreates a new subgroup and adds the selected object to it.
Collapse allCollapses all groups.
Expand allExpands all groups.
Add materialAssigns material to the group. . See Material Color.
Remove materialRemoves material from the group. See Material Color.

Alt-click on folder in outliner to select all objects in that section.

Collapse and Expand Groups

Collapse and Expand Groups

  • To collapse all groups, either click (1) or hover your cursor over the Outliner and press C.
  • To expand all groups, click (2) and select "Expand all" from the dropdown menu.

Rename Objects

  • To rename an object, double-click on its name.
  • To rename multiple objects at once, hold down the Shift key while selecting them, and then, while still holding Shift, double-click on one of their names.

Locate Objects in the Outliner

Collapse and Expand Groups

To bring a selected object to the top of the Outliner

  • Select object in the 3D viewport, hover your cursor over the Outliner, and press /.
  • Alternatively, select the object and click (2) and choose "Select in Outliner."

To isolate a selected object in the Outliner

  • Select the object in the Outliner and press .. This will collapse all groups and sections except for the one containing your selected object.
  • Alternatively, select the object and click (2) and choose "Isolate selection."

Toggle Object States

You can toggle the states of objects or groups, such as making them temporarily hidden or visible, disabled or enabled, and locked or unlocked.

Toggle Object States

Operations in the Outliner

Click on the icons next to objects or groups to change their states. You can also change states in bulk by selecting multiple objects.

  • button-outliner-hide: Toggle hide
  • button-outliner-disable : Toggle disable
  • button-outliner-disable-selection : Toggle lock

Operations by shortcut

You can also use shortcuts to change the states of objects or groups.

OperationShortcutCommand Name
Hide selected objectsHHide selected
Hide unselected objectsShift + HHide unselected
Unhide allAlt + HUnhide all
Invert HiddenCtrl + HInvert Hidden
Hide all Curves on the same planeSelect Regions -> H
Lock selected objectsLock selected

Material Color

You can assign materials to Solids, Sheets, and Curves. Materials set for a group will also be applied to objects within that group. For more information on materials, see Set Material and Remove Material. Outliner 4

In the Outliner, you can:

  • The object's material color is displayed as color dots.
  • The color can be copied by dragging and dropping the color dots.
  • Material colors can also be set for groups. The color can be copied in the same way.
  • Right-click on an object to access a menu where you can set or remove materials.
  • You can also select multiple objects and set or remove materials in bulk.

Toggle Sidebar Visibility

Toggle the visibility of the outliner and window's right sides.

OperationShortcutCommand Name
Toggle the display of the sidebar.Ctrl + B or
button-sidebar-toggle to the right of the P-Menu
Sidebar: toggle