To open the Preferences window, click the P menu in the top left corner and select Preferences. You need to restart Plasticity when you change the settings.


Navigation Settings

  • Zoom to cursor:
    • When enabled, zooms in at the cursor position. (Default: Enabled)
  • Rotate around cursor:
    • When enabled, the view rotates around the cursor position. (Default: Enabled)
  • Zoom vertical:
    • When enabled, zooms in/out with vertical dragging using Ctrl + Middle Button. (Default: Enabled)
  • Invert zoom direction:
    • When enabled, inverts the zoom direction. (Default: Disabled)
  • Invert wheel direction:
    • When enabled, inverts the mouse wheel direction. (Default: Disabled)

Navigation Presets

  • You can choose presets for the same controls as other 3D software.


  • You can specify GPU rendering quality and CPU facet quality.


  • You can select accent colors, neutral colors, and viewport background colors.

Grid & Units

  • Units: Specifies the units for the viewport.
  • Grid size: Specifies the overall size of the grid.
  • Accented lines every: Specifies the interval at which thick lines of the grid.
  • Show measurements when drawing Curves: When enabled, displays measurements while drawing curves. Press Tab to enter values.


  • You can take backups in preparation for emergencies.


  • Configure the server to be used with the Blender Bridge.
  • The default is Host: localhost, Port: 8980. Match these values with the settings in the Blender addon.


  • These are the settings for using the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse.
  • The SpaceMouse Compact, SpaceMouse Pro, and SpaceMouse Enterprise have been confirmed to work on Windows and macOS. Operation on Linux is unconfirmed.


  • Automatic invoke commands like offset, extrude, and fillet, based on the current selection.
    • When enabled, automatically calls commands such as offset, extrude, and fillet based on the current selection (Default: Enabled).