Sketching Essentials

Sketching Essentials

Accurate Snapping

  • Curves must be snaped accurately when you use the Curves for surface modeling.
  • When a Vertex is snapped to a Curve or another Vertex, it turns from purple to blue-green.

Sketching Tips 1

  • To snap precisely
    • When moving a Vertex, hold Ctrl to enable snapping.
    • When drawing in a sketch, you can snap without holding Ctrl if Object snapping is enabled.
    • See Grid and Snap for more information.

Snap Reference Lines

  • When drawing, you can create temporary reference lines to aid snapping. Point the cursor to an object and tap Shift. Snappable reference lines will appear.

Specify Dimensions Numerically

  • You can specify the dimensions and angles of a sketch numerically: press the Tab key and a numeric input box will appear on the dimensions.

Constrain to an Axis

  • Press the X/Y, or Z key to constrain the cursor's movement to a single axis.

Use Knife Mode

  • Use Knife mode to cut one or more Faces as you draw a Curve. You must snap to points on the target Faces as you draw.