Importing Reference Images

How to Import Reference Images

  1. Choose the plane where you want to display the image.
    • In addition to the XY, YX, and XZ planes, you can also choose a construction plane.
  2. Click on Import/Append from the top-left menu.
  3. A file selection dialog will be displayed.
    • Select an image file.
    • The system supports PNG and JPEG formats.
  4. The image is imported as an Empty.

Adjusting Appearance of Reference Images

You can set things like the transparency of reference images.

  1. Click on the reference image to select it.
  2. Press the M shortcut.
  3. An image material setting dialog will be displayed.
    • Depth:
      • Normal: It is hidden by objects in front of the plane and hides objects behind.
      • Front: Always visible, regardless of other objects. (Opacity needs to be less than 1.)
      • Behind:
    • Opacity:
      • Specify transparency numerically. The checkbox must be checked.
    • Culling:
      • Front only: Only displayed when viewed from the front.
      • Double sided: Displayed whether viewed from the front or the back.
  4. Confirm with OK in the dialog or by right-clicking.