Shift + D
Left of Command Bar button-duplicate

Duplicate objects and move them using Move Gizmo. Single-axis constraints or Freestyle movement possible. Pivot is adjustable.

Basic Usage

  1. Select the objects you want to duplicate.
  2. Press Shift + D.
  3. Use the displayed Move Gizmo to move.
  4. Set the options in the Command Dialog and Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Command Dialog
      • XYZ: Specify the amount of movement of the X, Y, and Z axes.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • X/ Y/Z X/Y/Z-axis: Constrain to the X, Y, or Z-axis.
      • Shift + X/ Shift + Y/Shift + Z X, Y, Z plane: Constrain to the X, Y, or Z-plane.
      • G Screen space: Limit to the visible plane.
      • F Freestyle: Click to specify the starting point and endpoint, which will determine the direction and distance of movement.
      • V Pivot: Click to specify the position of the Gizmo.
      • W Worldspace: Change the Gizmo's coordinate axis to world coordinates.
  5. Confirm with OK in the Command Dialog or right-click.
  • When duplicating multiple Regions, they will be duplicated as a combined shape.

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