Left of Command Bar button-cut

Cut the target Solid or Sheet using a cutter Curve or Face. When a Curve is the cutter, the cut is made based on a surface generated from that Curve.

Basic Usage

  1. Press C to excute the command.
  2. Specify the target and cutter.
    • Command Dialog
      • Select target bodies:
        • Select the Solid or Sheet to be cut.
        • To change the target, click Select target bodies and once it is highlighted, select the target.
      • Select cutters:
        • Select the Curve or Face to be used as the cutter.
        • To change the cutters, click Select cutters and once it is highlighted, select the cutters.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • C Cut Curves: Switch to Cut Curve command. see Cut Curve
      • S Screen space: Sets the cutting direction to align with the visible direction.
  3. Confirm with OK in the Command Dialog or right-click.

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