To open the preferences window, click on the P in the upper left corner of the main window and select Preferences from the menu.


Navigation settings

  • Zoom to cursor: When enabled, the view will zoom to the cursor position. (Default: enabled)
  • Rotate around cursor: When enabled, the view will rotate around the cursor position. (Default: enabled)
  • Zoom vertical: When enabled, Ctrl + middle mouse button vertical drag will zoom in/out. (Default: enabled)
  • Invert zoom direction: When enabled, the zoom direction will be inverted. (Default: disabled)

Navigation presets

  • You can choose presets for the same controls as other 3D software.


  • You can adjust the GPU rendering quality and the CPUFaceting quality.


  • You can set the accent color, neutral color, and the viewport background color.

Grid & Units

  • Units: Specify the units for the viewport.

  • Grid size: Specify the size of the area where the grid lines are drawn.

  • Accented lines every: Specify the spacing of the thick lines of the grid.

  • Show measurements when drawing Curves: When enabled, numerical values are displayed when drawing Curves. You can press Tab to input values.


  • You can keep backups in case of emergency.