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Plasticity Essentials

Command NameShortcutNote
Operating the 3D Viewport
Viewport: navigate to frontNum.1Front view.
Viewport: navigate to rightNum.3Right view.
Viewport: navigate to topNum.7Top view.
Viewport: navigate to backCtrl + Num.1Back view.
Viewport: navigate to leftCtrl + Num.3Left view.
Viewport: navigate to bottomCtrl + Num.7Bottom view.
Viewport: toggle orthographic cameraNum.5Switch between perspective and orthographic projection.
Viewport: navigate to selectionSpaceCenter selected object on the screen.
NewCtrl + NClear the scene, then create a new Plasticity document.
New WindowRun Plasticity in a new window.
OpenCtrl + OOpen a Plasticity document.
Import/AppendCtrl + Shift + OImport a document.
Import/AppendCtrl + SSave a Plasticity document.
Export/Save asCtrl + Shift + SSave as a new Plasticity document. Alternatively, export a document.
Quick save versionSave a copy of the document with the same filename, appended with a timestamp.
Save as startup sceneSave the current document as the startup scene. The file will automatically open upon the next startup.
PreferencesCtrl + , (Comma)Open Preferences dialog.
Manage licensesManage the license token and devices.
Plasticity Version: 0.0.0Installed Plasticity version.
QuitCtrl + Q
Group Objects
Group SelectedCtrl + GGroup Selected.
Ungroup SelectedAlt + GUngroup Selected.
Toggle Object States
Hide SelectedHHide Selected.
Hide UnselectedShift + HHide Unselected.
Unhide AllAlt + HUnhide All.
Invert HiddenCtrl + HInvert Hidden.
Lock SelectedMake selection unselectable.
Focus and Isolate Objects
Viewport: focus/ (Slash)Zoom to selected object.
Isolate. (Period)Isolate selected object by temporarily hiding unselected objects.
Selection Mode
Selection mode: set Control Point1Control point selection mode.
Selection mode: set Edge2Edge selection mode.
Selection mode: set Face3Face selection mode.
Selection mode: set Solid4Body selection mode.
Selection mode: set allTabAll selectable mode.
Selection: toggle Control PointShift + 1Toggle Control Point selection mode.
Selection: toggle EdgeShift + 2Toggle Edge selection mode.
Selection: toggle FaceShift + 3Toggle Face selection mode.
Selection: toggle SolidShift + 4Toggle Body selection mode.
Selecting Objects
Select AllASelect All.
Select all CurvesSelect all Curves.
Invert SelectionAlt + AInvert selection.
Select AdjacentCtrl + Shift + =Select Adjacent.
Deselect AllEscDeselect all.
Selection: convert to EdgesCtrl + 2Select Edges included in the selection.
Selection: convert to FacesCtrl + 3Select Faces included in the selection.
Selection: convert to SolidsCtrl + 4Select Solids included in the selection.
selection: convert to groupsCtrl + 5Select all objects within the group of the selected objects.
View Mode
Viewport: toggle overlaysAlt + Shift + ZTo toggle overlay display.
Viewport: toggle xray modeAlt + ZTo toggle X-Ray mode.
Viewport: toggle EdgesTo toggle show Edges.
Viewport: toggle FacesTo toggle show Faces.
Grid and Snap
Grid: toggle grid snappingToggle grid snapping.
Viewport: decrease grid sizeDecrease grid size.
Viewport: increase grid sizeIncrease grid size.
Snaps: toggle snap snappingToggle object snapping.
Construction Planes
SpaceConstruction plane from selection (align camera).
Viewport: set construction plane to selectionShift + SpaceConstruction plane from selection (do not align).
Create Viewspace Construction Plane At Ori...Ctrl + SpaceConstruction plane from camera (through origin).
Create Viewspace Construction PlaneCtrl + Shift + SpaceConstruction plane from camera (select distance point).
General Functions
Ctrl + CCopy.
Ctrl + VPaste.
Ctrl + ZUndo.
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo.
DeleteShift + BackspaceDelete selected objects. Deleting a group removes the group and its children.
Delete Control PointDelete selected Control Points.
Delete EdgeDelete selected Edges.
Delete FaceShift + X or Shift + DeleteDelete selected Faces.
Delete GroupRemove the group and its children.
DissolveBackspaceDelete selected objects. Dissolving a group removes the group but keeps its items.
Dissolve FaceDelete selected redundant Faces.
Edit: Repeat last commandShift + RRepeat last command.
Sidebar: toggleCtrl + BToggle the display of the sidebar.


Sketching Essentials

Command NameShortcutNote
LineShift + ALine segments.
Spline CurveSpline Curve.
Control Point CurveControl Point Curve.
Center CircleCircle by center and the diameter.
Two Point CircleCircle by the diameter.
Three Point CircleCircle by three points.
Center Point ArcArc by center and two points.
Three Point ArcArc by three points.
Regular PolygonRegular polygon.
Corner RectangleRectangle by diagonal.
Center RectangleRectangle by center and point.
Three Point RectangleRectangle by three points.
Bridge CurveJoin Curves.
TrimTrim Curve.
Split Curve At PointSplit a Curve into two segments.
Corner BoxShift + BBox by diagonal corner points and height.
Center BoxBox by center, corner point and height.
Three Point BoxBox by three points and height.
CylinderShift + CCylinder.

Common Commands for Sketch and Solid

Command NameShortcutNote
MoveGMove objects
RotateRRotate objects
ScaleSScale objects
MirrorAlt + XMirror objects
DuplicateShift + DDuplicate objects
PlaceCtrl + DDuplicate objects specified axis
Copy with PlacementCtrl + Shift + CCopy objects with a reference point.
Paste with PlacementCtrl + Shift + VPaste objects with a reference point.
Rectangular ArrayDuplicate objects in a rectangular pattern
Radial ArrayDuplicate objects in a radial pattern
Curve ArrayDuplicate objects along a Curve
Set MaterialMSet material
Remove MaterialAlt + MRemove material

Sketch Commands - Region, Curve, Vertex, Control-Vertex

Command NameShortcutNote
FilletBUnified command for Fillet Curve, Fillet Vertex, Fillet Shell
Fillet CurveBFillet or chamfer between two Curve segments
Fillet VertexBFillet or chamfer connected vertices
Offset CurveOUnified command for Offset Planar Curve, Offset Region, Offset Face Loop, Offset Edge
Offset Planar CurveOOffset a planar Curve
Offset RegionOOffset the outline curves of a Region
Subdivide CurveShift + SIncrease Control-Vertices of Curves
ExtendUnified command for Extend Curve, Extend Sheet
Extend CurveExtend a Curve
RebuildUnified command for Rebuild Curve, Rebuild Face
Rebuild CurveRebuilt by optimizing the positions of the Control Vertices
TextCreate Curves from text
Project Commands
ProjectIUnified command for Project Body Body, Project Curve Body, Project Curve Curve
Project Body BodyICreate a new Curve representing the intersection line between two Solids or Sheets
Project Curve BodyICreate a new Curve by projecting a Curve onto a Solid or Sheet
Project Curve CurveICreate a new Curve by projecting the intersection points of surfaces generated from two independent Curves
Project OutlineAlt + DProject the outline of the Solids or Sheets
Alternative DuplicateAlt + DProject the Curves onto the current construction plane
Create OutlineProject the outline of the objects to create a 3D Curve
Duplicate Curve and ProjectDuplicate Curve And Project
Join and Split Commands
JoinJUnified command for Join Curves, Join Sheets
Join CurvesJJoin Curves at connecting points
BridgeUnified command for Bridge Curve, Bridge Vertex, Bridge Edge
Bridge CurveBridges two Curves
Bridge EdgeBridges two Edges
Bridge VertexBridges two Vertices
TrimTTrim Curve
Cut CurveCut Curve
Split SegmentSplit a Curve into two segments
UnjoinAlt + JUnified command for Unjoin Curves, Unjoin Faces, Unjoin Shells
Unjoin CurvesAlt + JSeparate joined Curves
Vertex Commands
Delete Redundant TopologyRemove excess points
Convert VertexConvert Vertices to Control-Vertices

Solid Commands - Solid, Sheet, Face, Edge

Command NameShortcutNote
BooleanQBoolean Solids and/or Sheets.
CutCCut Solid and Sheet.
Solid and Sheet Commands
ExtrudeEExtrude Faces, Regions and Curves.
SweepShift + PSweep Region or Curve.
RevolveRevolve Region or Curve.
LoftLLoft Face, Edge and Curve.
PipePCreate a Pipe from Edge and Curve.
PatchFill Sheet holes / Closed Curves to a Sheet.
ThickenAdd thickness to a selected Sheet.
Thicken FaceAdd thickness to a selected Face.
Constrained SurfaceCreate a constrained surface.
FilletBUnified command for Fillet Curve, Fillet Vertex, Fillet Shell.
Fillet ShellBFillet or chamfer the Edges.
Refillet FaceRedo fillets.
Remove Fillets from ShellRemove Solid and Sheet fillets.
Alternative DuplicateAlt + DAlternative Duplicate.
HollowHollow out a Solid.
RebuildRebuild Face.
Sheet Commands
JoinJUnified command for Join Curves, Join Sheets.
Join SheetsJJoin Sheets with matching Edges.
Bridge SurfaceBridge two Sheets.
ExtendUnified command for Extend Curve, Extend Sheet.
Extend SheetExtend one or more outside Edges of the Sheet.
UnjoinAlt + JUnified command for Unjoin Curves, Unjoin Faces, Unjoin Shells.
Unjoin FacesAlt + JSeparate selected Faces from Solid or Sheet.
Unjoin ShellsAlt + JSeparate all Faces from selected Solids or Sheets into individual Faces.
Find Boundary EdgesSelect Edges of a Sheet opening.
UntrimAlt + TCreate a Sheet based on the original shape.
Face Commands
Offset FaceShift + OOffset the selected Faces.
Draft FaceTilt Face.
Match FaceMatch Faces to another Face.
Delete FaceShift + BackspaceDelete Face.
Unwrap FaceUnwrap Face.
Wrap FaceWrap Face.
Edge Commands
Offset CurveOUnified command for Offset Planar Curve, Offset Region, Offset Face Loop, Offset Edge.
Offset EdgeOOffset the selected Edges.
Offset Face LoopOOffset the outline edges of selected Faces.
ImprintShift + IUnified command for Imprint Body Body, Imprint Curve Body.
Imprint Body BodyShift + ICreate Edges on the target Solid or Sheet where it intersects with a tool Solid or Sheet.
Imprint Curve BodyShift + ICreate Edges on the target Solid or Sheet where it projects onto a tool Curve.
IsoparamCtrl + RAdd isoparams.
Delete Redundant TopologyRemove excess Edges.
Extend EdgeExtend Edges.